Great in Shade
 Vanilla Strawberry
 Nikko Blue Hydrangea
 Incrediball Hydrangea
 Double Mint Gardenia
 Kliems Hardy
 Bloom-a-Thon Azalea
 Hosta
 Camellia

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 Kaleidoscope Abelia
 Arborvitae
 Azaleas
 Boxwoods
 Camellia
 Cedars
 False Cypress
 Cypress
 Grasses
 Holly
 Japanese Maple
 Juniper Shrubs
 Juniper Tree-Form
 Liriope
 Loropetalum
 Maples
 Nandinas

 Oak
 Redbud

Our Catalog

Fall Colors
 Euonymus
 Gingko
 Japanese Maple
 Maples
 Nandina
 Redbud

 River Oaks Nursery​

 Camellia
 Crape Myrtle
 Dogwood
 Forsythia
 Gardenia
 Hibiscus
 Magnolia
 Roses
 Spirea
 Sweetspire
 Weigela

​​​​Great in Sun
 Brandywine Maple
 Sunvalley Maple
 Encore Azalea
 Blue Pfitzer Juniper
 Canaerti Juniper
 Spartan Juniper
 Kaleidoscope Abelia
 Golden Deodar Cedar
 Electra Blue Cedar
 Golden Dream Boxwood
 Loropetalum
 Sunset Magic Crape Myrtle

*Wholesale to the Trade Only*

Business Hours:  Open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm and Saturday by appointment only unless other arrangements have been made. To ensure timely service, please call to make an appointment at least 30 min. prior to arrival. 

Payments:  Payment is required at time of delivery or pickup unless other arrangements have been approved or arranged with River Oaks Nursery. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards (Visa, Master, and Discover).

Price:  Our price list is intended for members of the wholesale trade only. Prices are subject to change. Call for availability and specific pricing details. 

Delivery:  $500 minimum order for delivery.  Free delivery is available within 30 miles of river oaks nursery. Shipping charges will be determined by mileage. Delivery dates are subject to weather conditions, breakdowns, and other hazards beyond our control.

Pick-up Orders:  You may pick up your order at the nursery. Call ahead to confirm order and pick-up time.

Liabilities: All liability of plants ceases up on leaving River Oaks Nursery or upon delivery to client. Because of environmental and planting conditions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the life and productivity of any plant. We will gladly correct any mistake made by us. In no case will our labiality exceed the amount of purchase. 

Wholesale Only  

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