Your Project 

Take your landscape ideas to the next level and see what your next landscape job could look like! 

our products + Your projcts

There’s nothing more important than providing your client with a job well done, which is why we promise to help you tackle these projects with quality trees and shrubs. This commitment to quality and personalized service has resulted in a list of very satisfied clients. We’d love to add your name to it.

Personalized Selection
After going through our development process, these nurtured plants are ready for your selection at an affordable price to help your business grow. 

Develop & Grow

The plants are then kept up through constant maintained through fertilization and weed control. We also have several greenhouses that provide ideal growing conditions for our newly established plants.

your project + our process

Wholesale Only  

HomeOwners - Thank your landscaper for trusting River Oaks Nursery! 

 River Oaks Nursery​

Don’t trust your project to just any wholesale nursery. Here at River Oaks Nursery, our process involves providing you with a personalized quote and friendly service. We also offer free delivery in the Hot Springs area for orders over $500.

Final Results

Bring us your design elements and we will work with you to choose the plants that will fit any design in any location. Spruce up your customers space with quality tree's and shrubs!

Small Beginnings​

Here at River Oaks Nursery, we aim to bring in high quality liners, ensuring maximum growth potential. These liners are then planted in our organic soil and treated with care as they begin their growth process.